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HBCC UFO Research

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HBCC UFO Research

World Wide UFO/Abduction Investigator
Brian Vike - UFO Investigator And Reporter

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UFO Sighting Reports Reported To HBCC UFO Research From Around The World. (Thousands Of Reports Now In The HBCC UFO Research Data Base) These reports can be found by visting
Also you can email your UFO or Abduction reports to
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CD For Sale - Eyewitness Audio Accounts (Free Upcoming Audio Reports For Buyers)

Purchase The CD, & All Upcoming Eyewitness Audio Reports For Free !

HBCC UFO Research Note: As many of you know I had to remove the large number of eyewitness audio reports from the site due to them taking up a huge amount of bandwidth as the mp3 audio clips were a big success. In other words thousands upon thousands of people who came to the website really enjoyed listening in to the eyewitnesses tell in their words about what they saw, and what took place.

I did not want to remove them, but as I mentioned, it was going to run the costs up for the site. So I created a CD with all the audio clips on it and so far this has been a big hit with many. I decided that if anyone purchases the CD, all upcoming eyewitness audio reports will be given to the buyer free. What I will do, is upload any and all new audio interviews to the website, and then email out a link to everyone who has bought the CD, and from that link they will be able to download the new eyewitness accounts at no cost to them. This way no one will miss anything and there are some amazing reports coming up. Purchase details can be found here:

The below link will take you to how to order your own CD, entitled The Vike Report (Audio Clips Collection).

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Samples Of Eyewitness UFO Audio Accounts
Some Truly Amazing Experiences 

UFO Sighting Reports Reported To HBCC UFO Research From Around The World. (Thousands Of Reports Now In The HBCC UFO Research Data Base) 

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You Can Also Listen To Brian Vike - Director Of HBCC UFO Research On The Following Radio Shows (Weekly & Monthly Guest Appearances)
List Of Radio Shows I Appear On Below.

The Jeff Rense Radio Talk Show

The Lou Gentile Talk Radio Show

Alabama ParaSpiritual Research Radio Program

Feet 2 The Fire Radio Show

The Wayne and Jayne Show (FM Radio Trail British Columbia, Canada)

CHDI-FM Sonic 102.9 (Edmonton, Alberta)

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"Main" HBCC UFO Research website for dates and times of airing. 

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Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research can be heard on a number of talk radio shows giving his weekly and monthly updates on what people are witnessing. For the list of radio shows please visit:

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Please drop by the site and join in and become a member. Take part in the interesting topic and add you comments or leave your stories to share with everyone. Also we welcome links that have a UFO or Paranormal favor to them. Hope to see you at out new home.

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